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Facebook Advertising

Social media has transformed the way people discover, consume, and share experiences at Australia’s bars, hotels, and restaurants.

Using any social network aimlessly can lead to wasted resources and a low return on investment.

I get fast and measurable results … so that you can get on with your core role.

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75% of purchasing decisions for
individuals aged 18 - 26 are influenced by recommendations on social networks.

On Facebook, you can create ads to reach different audiences and to meet your objectives.

Imagine if:

  • You could target your ads to audiences based on locations, their age, their gender, their language, their interests or their behaviours.

  • You could create an audience that follow your competitors and target your ads to them (Ooooohhh that would be great right?!).

  • You could re-market to people that have visited your website and shown interest to a particular event or product.

  • You could target people with an upcoming birthday or other special occasion with an ad about celebrating their event at your venue (this is a game changer!).

  • You could create an audience based from your current database that has been filtered (think of your VIP customers that you would like to visit more).

  • You could quickly reach targeted people in your area if you had a special offer or if you were quiet and needed to create foot traffic immediately (make an empty venue into a very busy venue quickly).

I can do all of this and more for you in Facebook which provides fast and measurable results.

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