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Flex targeting: How to have your cake AND eat it too with Facebook Targeting

Flex Targeting

When you buy traffic on Facebook, you do so to put your message or offer in front of the right audience.  

You do it for one of three reasons …

  1. You have no traffic and you need to generate leads and sales;
  2. You want more qualified traffic than you currently have (people who will actually BUY your stuff); or 
  3. You want a steady, reliable source of traffic.

It’s called ad targeting.  The great news that I have for you is that Facebook’s ad targeting has just got a whole lot more powerful …

Introducing Facebook Flex targeting

The key to solid targeting is SPECIFICITY.

At Facebook, they call it “Flex And-Or Exclusion” targeting.  In the “Detailed Targeting” section when setting up your ad set, you can now choose to INCLUDE people who match more than one interest, demographics, or behaviours at a particular time.

You can also choose to EXCLUDE particular demographics, interests, or behaviours.

It allows us to get SPECIFIC.

Let's say you’re selling golf equipment.  You want to run ads to people who actually PLAY golf … frequently and, therefore, buy lots of golf stuff.

Most people would hop into Facebook (or any traffic platform) and quickly fill out the targeting section.  They may target Tiger Woods. Why not? He’s probably the most famous golfer of all time.

That’s a mistake.

Tiger is too well-known. He is an international celebrity. Most people know who Tiger is, whether they watch or play golf at all. It’s too broad.

So then you get to the Flex Targeting trick….

Who or what can we target that ONLY golfers would be interested in?

What about a more mid-level golfer?  A golf enthusiast would know who Bubba Watson is, but no-one else would.

Although Bubba is a big enough name to have a following that you can target on Facebook, he is still lesser-known and therefore would attract people who actually watch golf, play golf and buy golf equipment.

Apply this to other areas in the golf niche…

  • What events do golf enthusiasts attend, but no one else would?
  • What magazines do golf enthusiasts read, but no one else would?
  • What books do golf enthusiasts read, but no one else would?

If you use this simple fill in the blank sentence when planning out your targeting, it will ensure that you’re actually reaching a relevant audience!

What does this have to do with Facebook’s new targeting options? SPECIFICITY!

Now, you can still leverage those “broader” interests like Tiger Woods without worrying about them being too broad ... You just have to qualify them with an “and” statement.

Like this …

Instead of people that just like Tiger Woods – we’re targeting people who like Tiger Woods AND Bubba Watson.

It’s allowing you to tap into the part of Tiger’s market that would be still be hyper-focused.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to do this in your audience:

  1. Find the enthusiasts in your market using the “But No One Else Would” trick;
  2. Use Facebook’s AND-OR targeting to laser focus on them; and,
  3. Exclude the rest.

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