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Birthdays are for celebrating both for the birthday boy or girl AND your venue!

Kym Bolger Digital Marketing For Function Bookings

Your membership database is one of the most important assets to your restaurant or club. 

Do you have a large database of members or past purchasers? Then you are sitting on a gold mine!

In Facebook, you can reach people who have a relationship with your business, whether they are existing customers or people who have interacted with your business on Facebook or other platforms. 

Get back in your old and current customer's minds

How many times have you discovered a great new restaurant only to forget about it later? This happens often to us all even if you’ve had a great experience or meal there. This may be the case for your old customers, as well.

To solve this, you can create a Custom Audience with a list of all the people who have bought something from you in the past, and target them with ads about your new products as long as you have the right permissions to market to them.

They already know and trust you since they’ve purchased from you in the past. Leverage this! Remind them that they’ve done business with you in the past, and maybe offer them a great deal since they are long time customers.

Leverage your data sources

Custom Audiences can achieve business objectives such as acquisition, retention and re-engagement.   

They works best when specifically targeted to a particular group of your customers. Leverage what you already know about your customers and target messaging that can drive action.

For example, are you looking to reconnect with your loyalty members? Perhaps you want to target high value customers (ie gaming) or customers who left items in their online shopping cart with a special discount?

Your message and image in your ad should be tailored to your audience segments to personalise their experience and drive your desired business outcome.

Birthday celebration function booking business outcome

You are going to LOVE this!  

Once you have uploaded your database, you can then target people with communicate with upcoming birthdays.  

People record their date of birth in their Facebook profile.  When you select 'people with upcoming birthdays' when creating an audience, Facebook will find all people in your uploaded database with upcoming birthdays and create your audience for you.

You can then send an ad about the great function packages that you have at your venue and give them a call to action to book now.

When executed well, this is extraordinarily effective and results in a large increase in bookings and revenue.

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