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The power of Instagram for your business

Instagram is a social media platform that is designed to share quality images from your smartphone to an unlimited audience.  It is the fastest growing social media platform with over 300 million daily users.

What does that mean to you and your hospitality business?  ...

Your target audience is on Instagram. This means that you have free daily access to a very active user base.

More eyes on your business means more money in your bank account!

Why is Instagram so popular?

It was designed to share beautiful images.  There's no distractions to the viewer with ads on the side like on Facebook or Google, there are no distracting pop-ups and most importantly, there is only one place on each account where there is a link that takes you out of Instagram.  

Users stay on Instagram.  The average user spends 21 minutes on Instagram every single day. Imagine your content, products or services in front of your ideal customer every day?  Oh yeah!


People LOVE visual content.  Instagram is like a digital photo album keeping your photos compiled in chronological order.  In the fast paced world that we now live, people spend less time reading and more time looking and watching.  Instagram accounts that do well are creative, eye catching, and visually pleasing.

Lastly, Instagram is made for mobile.  Instagram started as a mobile application and didn't even have a web based platform until several months after it started getting really popular.  So users have access to Instagram 24/7.  Most people have their phone at arms reach at all times including when they sleep and go to the bathroom(!).  The interface of Instagram makes the user experience engaging and addictive.

So, is it possible to make money using Instagram?  ABSOLUTELY!

Whether you have a brand or a service based business, a strong Instagram strategy allows you to gain brand awareness and increase your visibility online.

When you are able to connect to your audience in the ways that they are already enjoying content, you're much closer to converting real customers.

New to Instagram or need some help with your Instagram strategy? Contact me at and let's book in a strategy session.

Kym Bolger