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How you can grow your business with Facebook Local Awareness ads

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If you want more people to walk through the door of your restaurant, hotel, club or retail outlet ... then keep reading!

There’s no better way to promote your local business than using Facebook ads.

Not only can you advertise on a small budget, turn the campaign on and off whenever you’d like, there’s also a social aspect …

Your customers can help promote your business to their family and friends on Facebook, and we all know how effective word of mouth is.

Local businesses know really specific and crucial information about their target market: they live or are in close vicinity to their business.

So instead of having to wrack your brain for different interests to target, the targeting is done for you.

You know that they live in or are visiting your city.

It’s that easy. 

We then add in interests that would appeal to your target market.  If you are a venue that has regular concerts for instance, you would add in people that follow the artists that play at your venue.

We then select whether our target audience is male, female or all.

Then we select the age of your target market.

The audience is now nice and defined.

The best thing is that Facebook recently created an entire objective for local businesses 'reach people near your business'.

When it comes to targeting … you can enter specific street addresses and then adjust the radius. You can also specify whether you want to reach everyone that is in this location, people who actually LIVE in this location (based off of what they specified on their Facebook profile), people recently in this location, and people traveling in this location.

These will come in handy based off of the type of local business you own. If you own a restaurant, you would want to target everyone, but maybe create specific campaigns that give visitors or locals specific discounts.

So if you had a new special on the menu, you could easily, quickly and cheaply, let your target market know in your local area.

How many times have you seen a post on Facebook or Instagram and you immediately want to visit?  You invite one of your friends and make a reservation.


It is the best way to reach people in your community, and to save time and money compared to traditional advertising.  Let's get you back to what matters most ... running your business and serving customers.

Want to put this into action for your venue?  Email me at or call on 0411 165 590.

Kym Bolger